Would you like to know more about insurance, do you need financial advice or do you have a question?

The zekerheuts website is set up in Dutch, but if you need advice about insurance or financial products our team will gladly help you in English. Just use the contact form below to ask your question or contact us via e-mail or phone.

You can call, e-mail or visit our office for personal contact.

  • Our response time by telephone or e-mail is max. 1 working day
  • Any call costs are at local rates

Headquarters data

  • Tradename: zekerheuts
  • CoC-number: 14045886
  • Business address: Nuinhofstraat 88 6361 BD Nuth
  • Phone number: 088-4504600
  • E-mail address: info@zekerheuts.nl

Contact departments

Damage department

088-4504605 schade@zekerheuts.nl

Emergency number out of office hours (for emergencies only)

088-4504600 schade@zekerheuts.nl

Relatiebeheer Particulier


Relatiebeheer Zakelijk


Afdeling Hypotheken

088-4504604 hypotheek@zekerheuts.nl

Afdeling Administratie